• Bookkeeping

    •  Accounts Payable

    •  Accounts Receivable

    •  Bank Account Reconciliation

    •  Credit Card Reconciliation

    •  Maintain Inventory System

    •  Filing Systems

    •  Posting Payroll

    •  Sales and Use Tax Reporting

    •  Maintain Vendor Accounts

  • Financial Services

    • Develop Budgets and Monitor performance (Budget v Actual Reporting)
    • Financial Modeling and Forecasting
    • Internal Cash Flow Management
    • Prepare Executive Summaries for Boards, Banks and/or Owners
    • Develop Policies and Procedures for accuracy and financial integrity
    • Developing Pricing Strategies
    • Assist in obtaining Lines of Credit
    • Develop and Maintain Banking Relationships
    • Compliance with Bank Covenants
  • Office Management and Accounting

    • Expense Analysis and Cost Comparison

    • Collections

    • Insurance Coordination

    • Financial Statement Preparation

    • Keep back office running smoothly

    • External Audit liaison with your CPA

  • Personal Planning and Management

    The Gold level service offers our clients the same level of service for their personal life as their business.  It is a unique, complete, and often much coveted service that we offer our clients, and we find that this service raises a client's’ level of performance in all areas of their life.


    We utilize the expertise of our staff and partners in assisting high level individuals who need that extra hand in running their extremely busy households and lives.


    • Personal bill pay and financial reporting
    • Insurance Management
    • Asset management and safekeeping
    • Managing household calendars, home office organization and filing systems
    • Staff payroll
    • Estate management for all residences including service appointments and maintenance contracts
    • Record keeping for state residency requirements
    • Personal IT assistance

It's our business to support your business

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